A little more ABOUT
This is the online portfolio of Alex Wendpap. Brazilian born, Berlin based graphic -UX-UI- designer.

My passion and wish to work with graphic/visual things started in my early years. After graduation, the experience got more solidified with UI design and animation, done for different Brazilian agencies. By 2005 I also had a chance to work for the South Brazilian (RS) state government, as web design consultant, which gave me a good understanding of html & css and comprehension of the new “tableless” approach at that time.

Beginning of 2008, I’ve embraced a new opportunity and moved to Vancouver, Canada, where corporate (UX+UI) design for drupal based websites was more required, working in-house at ImageX Media. A pretty good experience, greatly marinated with nice (and really polite) people, some snowboard, delicious sushi and local beers (eh!).

Combining some German roots and globetroting desires, I decided to jump to a third continent. Since February 2012 I’m living in Berlin were I’ve start working as a Designer at Pixelpark AG, improved my German language and design skills, met great people and gathered awesome experiences designing for clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Red Bull, BER, Sparkasse and so on.

By 2013, joining friend forces and experience, I opted to co-found, aiming to beautify the web, one theme at the time. Going forward into the UX field I also worked as visual & interaction designer at D-LABS (Design Laboratories), improving my experience on UI&UX design for digital products.

Nowadays, for the passion of design an hunger for diluting complexity with it, I took the lucky chance to join the Deloitte Analytics Institute in Berlin, focusing on design for data analytics and data visualization, catalyzing the understanding and use of complex data through design, as Sr. Information Designer.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”